Secret Space

Secret Space has had a whirlwind first year. Since playing their first show in January of 2015, they have already signed with Equal Vision Records, released an EP and recorded their debut LP. While a great start, 2016 easily fairs to be their breakout year. Secret Space is the songwriting outfit of Dean Tartaglia (vocalist/multi-instrumentalist) featuring Zach Ruetz (bassist/vocalist) and Steve Warstler (drummer). In the past 5 years Dean has established his cred, playing well over 500 shows in over a dozen countries. Spending equal time touring basements as arenas, he has supported notable acts, like Tenacious D on their 2012 world tour, and one really weird show with Coolio. Where their EP established their roots in heavy, atmospheric rock, Secret Space pushes their sound foward on their debut LP, with a collection of crossover caliber pop rock anthems. Produced, and in part written by Will Yip, their debut bridges the gap between alternative and pop music in ways that no band has done quite so effectively yet. Fearlessly all-inclusive, while simultaneously genre-defiant, it will contend to be the stand out record of 2016.